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Crowdfinder makes the video you need to be a digital success, at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Working with you and your team we'll work out what video your audience wants and which platform they're on.

Then we'll produce multiple timeless, audience grabbing, videos.

It could be a pod series with social shorts for other platforms, thought leadership interviews, explainers or other formats.

Whatever your audience wants, crowdfinder can put your content in front of them. 

Why should you make video?

You can’t afford not to, social posts with video get 1200% more shares than text and image posts. If you’re not thinking about it, your advertisers are. Plus branded, sponsored and gated content can make video pay.

Why should you talk to us?

Maybe you’ve made video before and it hasn’t quite worked how you want. Time and money have gone into material that’s got 250 views on YouTube with low engagement or 50 views on LinkedIn and no reposts

Or maybe you just feel “We should ‘DO’ video.” but don’t know where to start?

How does crowdfinder work?

Lots of conversation, with you and your social team. For an idea have a look at the your project form but we'd want to talk to you about:

  • what you want video and audio to do for you?

  • The audience you want

  • The audience you have

  • Your wider digital strategy and which platforms you want to prioritise (we'll sign an NDA)

  • The data you have on your audience(again, we'll sign an NDA)

  • Your previous experience with video

After that initial chat we'd do a deep dive on your

competitors - the ones you worry about and maybe the ones you don't.

Then we'd come to you with the creative. Ideas for content we can make at volume, for a reasonable cost, using production efficiency, new tech and an experienced freelance team built just for your project.

We would do that through our video industry contacts and the experience of making thousands of hours of video for niche outlets and companies like Sky News and Al Jazeera.

Once you're happy, that bespoke team of industry pro's will make the video and deliver it to you with everything you need. Thumbnails, headlines, metadata, titles and most of all, pacey, effective video.

It might be that you need: a tips and tricks series on LinkedIn’s native video platform; explainers on facebook; entertaining vodcasts/podcasts on youtube and spotify with shorts on tiktok. We can do all of that.

Why us?

We’ve grown niche media brands to over half a million subscribers on youtube, consulted for brand agencies and most of all we’ve made cost effective digital video before. 

We apply our experience to making the kind of regular, effective content that will help your title grow. 


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Who we are

Simon Elliott- Founder

Simon has led teams for Sky News and Al Jazeera delivering international news across multiple platforms. At military broadcaster BFBS he led a team that built a YouTube channel to 500k plus subscribers. Took Facebook video views from 3m minutes per month to 14.5m. Lifted Instagram subscribers from 20k to 90k and grew the Sitrep podcast from 250 weekly downloads to 2k+. He can build a team to help you win with video.

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