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Video for magazines: YouTube staff and insiders on growing your audience

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The algorithm. How does it work? Why doesn't it love your video? What should you do?

The mysteries of why YT and other platforms promote some videos over others aren't as deeply hidden as you think.

Some really good creators have landed interviews with YT insiders and staff who talk about how to grow your audience.

Todd Beaupre, Director of Product Management at YouTube spoke to Dan Carson from vidIQ. Todd's great on where and how to get an initial audience if you have 0 or just a few viewers or subscribers. He says small channels need to get into the watch history of viewers and the initial path is through video titles and metadata. I think this approach may also be very useful if you have a channel that's got a few viewers and subs but no real growth in recent times.

Todd also says the algorithm is serving the viewer but creators often don't get that. There's loads more including why niche content is an audience growth supercharger.

Rene Ritchie, YouTube's Creator Liaison talked to The Editing Podcast (A great source of advice and tips on making video work). Rene's excellent on why recommendations matter more than the amount of subscribers you have when it comes to getting an audience.

The key moments are linked above but the whole interviews are below. Todd's entire chat with Dan 'Small Channels: Do this and the algorithm will love you.' is especially worth a watch if you're looking for insight on making your video work.

Does what they say apply to YT shorts and other platforms? It's not a bad place to start and we'll have more on other forms and platforms in future blogs.

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